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Why Is There a Web Host Beast?

We aren’t a web hosting company. We are not providing any services. I am a single person who is tired of seeing people who should or could have websites get lost or confused by web hosting companies or digital marketing agencies.
We want to clear up some of the mud. Things like owning your own domain name. Understand what a web host is and what they do. (and what they can’t do) Understanding when to use a “free” service and when to pay for your hosting.
I do receive a commission if you use one of our links to sign up for a web hosting plan. I will not promote or link to web hosts that I have not enjoyed using. (And I have used a bunch of them.)

About Us

Web Host Beast, started by a veteran of the web hosting industry, specifically to help with understanding the intricacies of website building, designing, hosting, and maintenance. Our articles, tutorials, tips, and insights cater to both beginners and experienced webmasters alike.

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